About Us

The Faith Long-term Plans programme is organised by FaithInvest and WWF's Beliefs and Values Programme. We also have a wide range of networks and partners that support the programme and are working with their own members to encourage them to create their own Plans. See below for the list of partners.


In addition, a coalition of secular organisations is supporting the Plans through resources and advice, such as WWF, EAT Foundation and World Resources Institute. The programme is also supported by major global organisations such as UN Environment, UNDP, the World Bank's Climate Investment Funds and the UK Government's COP 26 programme.

Our world  is irreplaceable. Let’s save it.


FaithInvest is an international non-profit organisation that empowers faith groups to invest in line with their beliefs and values, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Our Vision

WWF's Beliefs & Values programme integrates a values-based approach into WWF's conservation work by engaging with people based on their own religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs and value systems.