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Brahma Kumaris on hosting a custom Faith Plans workshop

Coming together to deep commitment; Faith Plans workshop with Brahma Kumaris

Faith Plans recently held an online workshop with a number of Brahma Kumari meditation centres in the United Kingdom, writes Catherine Devitt, Faith Plans Programme Manager.

"When I change, the world changes." -–

The workshop, which took place at the end of July, brought together representatives from across the UK to identify existing environmental initiatives implemented within the centres. Participants outlined what further initiatives could be implemented over the coming years to align Brahma Kumaris' resources and wisdom with the protection of the planet.

Acknowledging commitment and leadership

Providing an important opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the commitment and leadership already shown by the Brahma Kumaris in the UK, the workshop also created a sense of momentum amongst participants and helped deepen the commitment of the Brahma Kumaris to securing planetary wellbeing.

"The current environmental emergency is a clear call to transform our awareness and lifestyle." -–

This custom workshop allowed participants from across the UK to share their insights and experience in a confidential, collaborative and discursive online space. Facilitated by Faith Plans, this forum helped to add impetus, and focus, to their ongoing environmental mission.

For more information about the Brahma Kumaris pledge to protect the environment, read their full Environmental Commitment here.


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