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UNEP's Faith for Earth Initiative

Faith Plans is proud to be partnering with UN Environment's Faith for Earth Initiative, whose goal is to inspire and empower faith-based organisations to advocate for protecting the environment. Collaboration with the Faith for Earth Initiative provides a crucial opportunity to ensure faith communities can play their part in driving the social and ecological transformation urgently needed to ensure stability of the planet.  

In many countries, spiritual beliefs and religions define cultural values, social inclusion, political engagement and economic prosperity.
UNEP Faith For Earth Initiative

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Faith for Earth Initiative

UN Environment launched the Faith for Earth Initiative in November 2017, following a series of conventions organised in partnership with faith-based organisations. 

The Faith for Earth Initiative builds on the recognition that faith organisations are active players in environmental conservation, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.


It aims to: 'Encourage, Empower and Engage with faith-based organisations as partners, at all levels, toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and fulfilling the 2030 Agenda.'

This aim is achieved by empowering faith organisations to advocate for environmental protection, and to use their assets and investments to implement the SDGs, and by providing a knowledge and network link to enable faith leaders to communicate effectively with the public and decision-makers.


To learn more about UNEP’s Faith for Earth Initiative, and to see the latest Faith for Earth newsletter, click below.

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Faith for Earth National Coordination Hubs

In 2021 UNEP's Faith for Earth Initiative launched the Faith for Earth National Coordination Hubs in partnership with the United Religions Initiative (URI), a global network in 109 countries with 16 regional offices (and also a Faith Plans partner). Their partnership seeks to mobilise the vast interfaith network of grassroots faith leaders, faith-based organisations, and community members in India, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ethiopia to respond to the urgent, climate-related concerns at the local, national, and regional level.

Goals of the Faith Plans and Faith for Earth partnership

Support and inspire...

...each other in our endeavours to enable the world’s major faiths to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in their activities at local, regional and national levels.

Scale up efforts... regional and national levels to support faith communities and organisations and their leaders to respond more effectively to the climate and biodiversity crises.

Provide a pathway...

...for co-created opportunities, knowledge sharing, and capacity building between Faith Plans partners, Faith for Earth, and other partnerships with faith-based organisations. 

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