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Create and Upload your Faith Plan

The process for developing the Faith Plans builds on the experience developed during the first Long-term Faiths Commitments initiative in 2009. Following on from that, faiths began imagining and planning the future – with real world, measurable impacts and initiatives.

Our world  is irreplaceable.
Let’s save it.

Guide to creating your own Faith Plan

To help you get started, we have some useful resources to download – or watch. If you haven't done so already, you can register your interest for more information, and if you have any questions about the Faith Plans framework, please contact

Create your plan

Seven Key Areas

The Seven Key Areas is a useful framework as you start developing your Plan.

Planning guide

Use our step-by-step Faith Plans Planning Guide as you start to create your Faith Plan.


Access our comprehensive Resource Library for information and guides.

Baseline survey

Carry out a baseline survey so that you understand where you are starting from.

The 2009 Plans

Dozens of Plans were developed in the 2009 Faith Commitmemts initiative.

Webinar: How to develop a Faith Plan

Watch the replay of our webinar with early lessons for long-term success

This was the first in a new series of discussion-based workshops for exchange and learning, for people and groups who are new to the concept of a Faith Plan. The workshop contains valuable guidance from Sara Kaweesa of A Rocha Uganda and other contributors who have already developed a Faith Plan or who are currently in the early stages of doing so. It includes:

  • Key processes involved in developing a Faith Plan  

  • Essential elements of what a 'good' Faith Plan looks like

  • Support and resources to help you

The workshop provides practical advice on what is meant by faith-consistent, values-driven mobilisation of assets. It also introduces participants to useful online guides and resources. You can also review the interactive discussion between the panel and participants. 

Download the webinar presentations: 

  1. Faith Plans Methodology – Dr Lorna Gold, FaithInvest

  2. Faith Plans Planning Guide 

  3. Baseline Guide 



  • Catherine Devitt – Faith Plans Programme Manager, FaithInvest


  • Dr Lorna Gold – Director of Movement Building, FaithInvest

  • Sara Kaweesa, Executive Director, A Rocha Uganda

View the full programme of webinars on our Webinar Catch-up page.

Baseline survey
Start from where you are

Why take a baseline survey?

We've created a baseline survey that can help you get an overview of the environmental actions that you and your community, organisation or network have taken before developing a Faith Plan. It's important to know where you are starting from. You may discover that you have already achieved much more than you think.

The survey will enable you to:

  • Take stock of the past and celebrate the successes and learnings from commitments made already.

  • Gain a clear understanding of the present, summarising the current context for each area of action.

  • Set out a starting point from which to imagine and plan the future, using real world, measurable impacts to plan ideas.


We recommend that you first download this survey and complete it over time once you have gathered responses to the relevant sections. You will then be able to review your responses to help guide your reflection and planning for the next five to seven years.

Upload your Faith Plan

Ready to take the next step?

When you have completed your Faith Plan, you can upload it here to send it to the Faith Plans team. Simply complete the form, below, attaching your Faith Plan. We'll do the rest.

Upload your Faith Plan here

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