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 Seven Key Areas 

Faith-consistent use of assets

Faiths are major stakeholders in the physical planet when it comes to land, buildings, forests and water – and that's before we get to health care, financial investments and microfinance, and purchasing power and consumption behaviours, all of which fall into this category. For that reason, we have split this section into several pages. See below for the various areas.

There is enough for everyone's need, but not for their greed 
Mahatma Gandhi

Faith-consistent use of assets by area

The first of the Seven Key Areas, Faith-Consistent Use of Assets, is a big one. Click below for more detailed information on each of the areas that fall under this category.


Watch our webinar on how to create a Faith Plan, with early lessons for long-term success. Hear from Sara Kaweese of A Rocha Uganda about her organisation's experience of developing their Faith Plan.


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Watch our webinars on the different aspects of the Seven Key Areas


Check out the 2009 Plans for ideas, examples and inspiration

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