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Focolare Movement video examines faiths' role at COP26

The world's ever-spinning news cycle has largely turned its focus away from the COP26 event held in Glasgow earlier this year, but those that attended are working hard to carry forward the spirit and knowledge generated there.

Among them are the myriad organisations that attended to demonstrate the importance that faith has in the fight against climate change. One of the more interesting events to take place in this arena featured members of FaithInvest, the Focolare Movement and the Ahl Al Bait Society Scotland.

Participants at the event

That event, held at a mosque in Glasgow was described as hugely inspiring by attendees. You can read more about it here.

This week, the Focolare Movement has released a video covering highlights of the event, emphasizing the challenges being faced and the value of working together to address them.

"I truly believe that this moment we're living through – it's a crisis," FaithInvest Director of Movement Building Lorna Gold says in the video. "But it can also be a kairos... an opportune moment, to rethink, to convert ourselves."

FaithInvest CEO and founder Martin Palmer echoes this sentiment, saying: "[The faiths] have a huge responsibility to be one of the greatest driving forces for change – through civil society, not through just working with the governments."

To watch the video in full click here.


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