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Chinese Christians improve health and the environment

The Amity Foundation is an independent Chinese social organisation, founded in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians led by Bishop KH Ting. The foundation is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, by placing people and the planet at the centre. It promotes public health, education, social welfare, community development, environmental protection and more, across China and beyond.

In 2010, Amity’s Act For Living Water project was set up to to raise public awareness of the global water crisis and encourage people to take action, improving water and sanitation in vulnerable areas. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, problematic situations were made much worse. The funds raised during 2020 and 2021 have provided support for communities in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal. As well as building new water and sanitation facilities, these projects have also ensured environmental awareness is raised through educating communities on water conservation and environmental protection.

Amity's Solar Power for Education project (right) provides small solar power packs to children in areas without mains electricity, allowing them to study at home after dark – and also preventing possible damage to their eyesight Picture: Amity Foundation

The Amity Sprouts on Earth project focuses on maternal and child nutrition in underdeveloped areas of mainland China. It provides pregnancy check-ups, nutritional support, growth monitoring and health education for poor women and newborns.

Another project neatly shows the benefit of linking better health with sustainability. Amity's Solar Power for Education project is mainly about providing small solar-powered lighting kits for children in remote mountainous parts of western China. The kits provide light enabling children to study after dark – but they also help prevent the damage that can be done to young eyes by trying to read by candlelight.

'In 2019, over 410,000 people were benefited through 47 projects in 37 cities, across 15 provinces in China'

Amity also runs a successful Public Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme to develop sustainable healthcare systems in underdeveloped communities, including training for professionals and building clinics. In 2019, over 410,000 people were benefited through 47 projects in 37 cities, across 15 provinces in China. Abiding by the principles of mutual respect and interfaith harmony, the Amity Foundation displays how the role of faith values connects with sustainable development and action for a better world.


Women in Myanmar benefit from a clean water supply, provided by the Amity Foundation's Act for Living Water programme Picture: Amity Foundation

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