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Fantastic story on National Catholic Reporter site about Faith Plans!

Global Catholic news service, National Catholic Reporter, this week featured the newly-launched FaithInvest initiative, Faith Plans, on its Earthbeat platform.

National Catholic Reporter's website, NCRonline, is one of the most-read Catholic news sites in the world, reaching more than 1 million unique visitors globally each month, and a newsletter readership in 59 countries.

Monks ordaining trees to prevent them being felled

The article by Brian Roewe revealed how the Faith Plans initiative, headed by FaithInvest and the Beliefs and Values Programme of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), together with more than two dozen partnering organisations, have formed 'an unprecedented coalition' of the global faith community to respond to the challenge of climate change.

The article quoted Martin Palmer, interim CEO of FaithInvest, who explained that, 'Given the size of their assets and influence, faiths alone, through their actions, could make the crucial difference to the world's efforts to halt irreversible climate change and reverse environmental destruction.'

He continued, 'This is the first time a partnership of this scale and global scope has been brought together. It is indicative of the urgency of the challenge we face.'

The article outlined how the Faith Plans programme supports faith groups to examine how they use their influence and resources to respond to environmental degradation, and to develop an action plan to be implemented over the next seven to 10 years: those are the titular Faith Plans.

While some faith leaders present at COP26 in Glasgow recently expressed disappointment with the outcome, for others it crystallised their belief that religious communities must develop their own responses while also calling for action from business and their countries.

Lorna Gold, FaithInvest’s Director of Movement Building, believes the influence of faiths extends beyond the communities themselves, and is quoted as saying, 'Any significant decision that's taken at a leadership level within the faith communities … sends a signal to the political world and also to the markets.'

Between now and 2022, Faith Plans partners will be introducing the programme to their networks and encouraging them to participate. Additionally, individual houses of worship and faith-based organisations can sign up through the Faith Plans website.

To read the article in full, visit the NCRonline website.

Faiths Rising: Beyond COP26

A follow-up webinar on December 16, on the theme of 'Faiths Rising' will provide updates on the Faith Plans programme and other faith-based preparations in the wake of the UN climate conference. To learn more about this free event and register to attend, click here.


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